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Our main focus is to grow tasty mangoes that are 100% safe to eat as well as be worth waiting for, irrespective of their size.


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Please be informed that though Malnad Mangoes are 100% safe to eat as they are free from any chemical residues and are naturally ripened without any artificial intervention, we do not claim that they are “Organic” as the term “Organic” is very loosely used in India nowadays. That is because chemical pesticides and fungicides are used by us during the flowering time and onwards for protection against infection and to assist fruit setting. Also,along with farmyard manure and natural compost, chemical fertilisers are applied to ensure the optimum health of the plant. However, it is ensured that the finally harvested fruits are 100% chemical residue free by ensuring that the final protective spray is not less than 15 days before the actual harvest (IIHR recommended practice). Besides, fruit fly menace is tackled using Pheromone baits in traps supplied to us through the IIHR in Bangalore. The baits/lures are themselves being made by us using the the technique provided by IIHR to ensure optimum efficacy. Absolutely no Carbide is used at any stage of our operations which is the Unique Selling Point of our Mangoes. We are happy to announce that our orchard has been selected by the IIHR in Bangalore to conduct research trials for fighting the fruit fly menace and we are being provided expert advice on using multiple techniques to control this problem.

Money Back / Replacement

Malnad Mangoes is probably the only brand in the entire country which offers you a money back/replacement guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of the fruit.We do so because of the soundness of our production cycle. The final taste of our mangoes is incomparable with the ones available in the retail outlets, most of which have been ripened artificially using Carbide. Please note that this guarantee is applicable only to the quality of the fruit and does not apply for over-ripening resulting in the spoilage of the fruit. Customers are therefore requested to order only what they can consume and not to order in excess of their actual requirement. In order to prevent misuse of this "unique" guarantee, the guarantee will not apply where buyers have ordered more than 2-3 boxes at a time and then report after a few days that one box is spoilt. Due to logistic reasons, this facility is currently available only in Bangalore city.

Convenient Pick-Up Points Around Bangalore

There will be several convenient pick up points around Bangalore where the mango boxes can be purchased. To avoid any inconvenience to everyone concerned, customers are requested to first call up the pick-up point before actually going there to ensure availability at that point of time. The addresses and contact details of the pick-up points will be put up on the website or sent by email. Customers taking delivery from any of the pick-up points can make the payment in cash while taking delivery. First preference will be given to customers who make advance payment through NEFT against their pickup orders. Upon sending the transaction number by SMS /E-mail/ WhatsApp, those boxes will be reserved for them at the respective pickup-point.

" We are not about Great Looks, Size or Colour. We are about Delicious Taste & Heavenly Fragrance "

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